Family shapes entities. A happy family will shape happy & responsible social entities.

There are several aspects to help form unbreakable bonds between family members mutual understanding, respect, love, and being considerate to one another.

By addressing the right aspects, any family can become a happy family.

Creating a happy family does not require magic. It requires just a little bit of extra effort on all the aspects mentioned to nurture love, to facilitate communication, and to make each other feel contented and secured.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a happy family community.
A community where each family members feel loved, respected, and encouraged to grow into their fullest potential. A community where families prosper, together.

Fun and happy play-based learning is the core of everything we do


Understanding themselves & Self-Esteem

Understanding the world & Social Skills

Understanding their health and wellbeing

To encourage children’s self esteem and confidence which is very important for their foundation stage

To present and help children identify and express their emotions  and how they affect their decisions.

To provide opportunities and friendly environment for children to express their thoughts in a healthy ways

To cultivate positive attitudes towards food, exercise and healthy habits.

To cultivate positive attitudes towards basic manners.

To enhance language and communication skills, awareness, empathy, thinking skills and self-regulation in children.

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